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Mysterious Economic Policy Provides Jobs

Fell out of bed this morning upon hearing Marty Walsh, the new Labor Secretary in President Joey’s administration proclaim that the 916,000 new jobs were due to “good economic policy.” Of course there were no examples of this “good economic policy.” What could he possibly point to? Perhaps he was referring to President Joey’s destruction of the oil and gas industry in the United States.

This former mob union boss, and former mayor of Boston, who resigned that job to become Labor Secretary, claims among his accomplishments having introduced a bill to have The Modern Lovers song "Roadrunner" be named, and eventually became, the official rock song of Massachusetts.

This guy wouldn’t know economic policy from an insurance policy.

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Where The Hell Am I? - Can President Joey Answer Correctly

There is a crime being committed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C., and the American people are the victims. We are being told that Joe Biden is the President, however, even the casual observer using any semblance of common sense has to admit that President Joey is not playing with a full deck, so to speak.

Trotting President Joey out to read a few sentences on a teleprompter and then trotting him back to the Oval Office or White House residence doesn't mean that he knows what the hell is going on.

We were promised transparency in the Biden administration but we aren’t allowed to ask President Joey questions that aren’t scripted. Remember the good old days when President Trump would answer questions for 20 minutes before getting on the presidential helicopter. Reporters could ask anything they wanted and they did, no matter how important, inane or disrespectful.

President Joey isn’t allowed to answer even the simplest questions after reading his brief remarks from the teleprompter. Trotting him out to justify the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus boondoggle isn’t going to happen. Letting him answer questions about the worthless bombing we did in Syria isn’t going to happen. The bombing took place twelve days ago but would he even remember the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the attack at this point?

Is Jill Biden running the country? Is Kamala Harris running the country? The time has come to unleash President Joey and let him answer some questions about all the illegal aliens, many who have contracted the Chinese Wuhan virus, being allowed to roam the streets of America with no means of support , no food, no money, no shelter.

Thousands of illegal alien minors are being detained in tents, shipping containers with a small window, or cages beyond the legal time frame for releasing them. We deserve answers directly from President Joey. If he can do that, fine. If he can’t do that then we have a right to know who is behind the curtain pulling his strings.

The 25th Amendment was enacted partly because after President Woodrow Wilson's stroke in 1919, his condition was kept secret by his wife, Edith Wilson, and the White House physician, Cary T. Grayson. No one officially assumed his powers and duties and the President’s wife and his personal secretary (chief of staff), Joseph Patrick Tumulty, effectively ran the Oval office. Wilson's condition became public knowledge with only a few months remaining in his term and Congressional leaders didn’t pursue the matter.

Back in 2018, President Trump, as part of his annual check-up, took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). The Montreal Cognitive Assessment is a 30 point test designed as a rapid screening tool for mild cognitive dysfunction which will indicate a loss of memory and clear thinking ability that sometimes precedes dementia.

Maggie Fox, writing for NBC News on January 26, 2018 wrote:

“The 30-point test includes drawings of a lion and a rhinoceros, which patients must name. Test-takers are also asked to copy a simple line sketch of a cube; match the letter A to the number 1, the letter B to the number 2 and so on. They are asked to recall a list of five words and repeat very short lists of numbers forward and backward.

It also includes one of the best-known tests for early Alzheimer's disease -- the clock test, in which patients are asked to draw an analog clock face.

The exam assesses attention, planning, memory and visual skills, all of which deteriorate in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia. A score of 26 or lower indicates dementia.

A Cochrane Collaboration review of the test showed it detects 94 percent of people with dementia.”

It was reported that President Trump scored a perfect 30.

It is likely that Jill Biden along with Biden’s chief-of-staff, Ron Klain, and perhaps VP Kamala Harris are hiding President Joey’s mental acuity, or lack thereof, and the true state of his overall mental health.

The time has come for President Joey to take the test. President Joey can pass the test and prove everyone wrong. If not , President Joey should relinquish his office and join Chomp, I mean Champ, back in his Delaware basement.

The American people deserve someone they voted for who knows what planet he’s on when answering the 3 A.M phone call. No one voted for Jill Biden or Ron Klain.

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The Elephant InThe Room

I just heard that General Motors is planning to be manufacturing only all electric vehicles by 2035. I know that it is very fashionable to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon right now but there are some things that no one is talking about that trouble me.

President Joey has promised to build 500,000 charging stations which will solve a small, actually very small, portion of the fueling problem for electric vehicles. The logistics of getting the electricity to those stations is going to be a huge undertaking. Of course, tens of millions of homes will have to be retrofitted with individual charging stations.

In California, where they don’t produce enough electricity to serve their population on a very hot day already, can you imagine a few million vehicles plugging into the electric gird after work every day. Can you spell rationing. Perhaps a few nuclear power plants will solve their energy problem if they can and are willing to build them fast enough. Wind and solar just aren’t capable of producing enough reliable energy to sustain the huge need for that many cars in California, let alone the rest of the United Sates, 365 days a year.

Watching all the pundits praising electric vehicles, I believe they are all ignoring the elephant in the room, namely lithium. Right now the average life of a vehicle in the United Sates is probably between 5 and 10 years before they hit the junk yard. We currently have places to recycle old vehicles. Some vehicles are crushed and recycled that way. Some can be found in pick-a-part junkyards. Tires are another thing altogether. There are some attempts to recycle the old tires but they mostly are stored in huge piles and left to rot in the baking sun. Imagine hundreds of millions of pounds of old lithium batteries sitting around leaking into the local water table with nowhere to safely store them. The nationwide need for a place to safely store our nuclear waste is currently a huge problem but no one wants to store it in their backyard. I’m sure most of you are aware of the fight over Yucca Mountain? Where in the world are we going to find a home to safely store all the old lithium filled car batteries? Rest assured Nevada won’t take them.

In one of the few news articles that address the battery waste problem it says that in the UK, a pretty small country by any standard, based on the relatively small number of electric cars sold there in 2017, “researchers in the United Kingdom calculated that 250,000 metric tons, or half a million cubic meters, of unprocessed battery pack waste will result when these vehicles reach the end of their lives.”

The article goes on to say:

“Currently in the United Kingdom, there are no dedicated operating facilities for processing electric vehicle waste batteries. What batteries do get processed are exported and recycled using a pyrometallurgical method, which uses high temperatures to smelt the batteries and extract some reusable components. However, it’s wasteful and inefficient, which means some materials can’t be recovered, he said.

The batteries produced by different manufacturers vary widely and the paper calls for more standardization to allow easier recycling. Current designs also don’t lend themselves to easy deconstruction by hand or machine.”

The article goes on to say that we are currently capable of recycling 95% of old batteries currently used in our nasty combustion engine automobiles.

You can read more about the problem here.

To sum up the electric vehicle situation -

The lack of charging stations is a major hurdle....500,000 stations are not going to suffice.

Retrofitting tens of millions of homes with charging stations won't happen overnight.

The lack of enough clean energy to supply the charging stations is a major hurdle.

The need for a place to safely store all the old batteries hasn’t been addressed by anyone that I know of.

I am confident our brand spanking new visionary President, President Joey, has thought about all of this and he will have solutions for us just soon as he wakes up from his nap.

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Misinformation And Biden

We know that President Joey doesn't write his own speeches. Most of the time he doesn't know what day it is, but yesterday in another of his brief speeches he proclaimed that the Wuhan virus had killed 500,071 Americans and he said that number of deaths exceeded the number of Americans killed in World War I, World War II, and the Viet Nam war combined. When he said that I knew that was a lie. Using round numbers, it is estimated that 116,000 Americans died in WWI, 418,000 Americans died in WWII, and 58,000 Americans died in the Viet Nam war. The total of those deaths is 592,000. President Joey needs a better speech writer.

It is important to remember that the number of Wuhan virus deaths is likely exaggerated. Two Minnesota state lawmakers recently said that the number of deaths being attributed to the Wuhan virus there might have as much as a 40% error rate. You can read about it here.

I am certain that the number of deaths attributed to this virus are also inflated in other states as well. Hospitals and other medical facilities make much more money if a death is attributed to the Wuhan virus than if someone dies from drowning, a fall, a heart attack, etc. Remember to always follow the money.

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Biden Crime Family Administration

I didn't watch the swearing in of our 46th President but I gather that Joe Biden took the oath of office and swore to uphold the constitution. Chris Wallace of Fox News said it was the greatest inaugural speech he had ever heard but most serious talking heads panned the speech as a snoozer. Poor Bill Clinton was so enthused that he was caught napping during the speech.

Later in the day Joey signed 17 executive orders many of which gave away our sovereignty to globalists. In his ultimate wisdom Joey deigned that we should once again belong to the World Health Organization, be a party to the Paris Climate Accord, and allow anyone who wants to come into our country illegally via our southern border to come on ahead by stopping construction of the border wall, stopping deportations, and giving a pathway to citizenship to the millions of illegal immigrants who came here in the past. You are probably aware that Joey vowed during the election to give free health care to illegal immigrants.

Joey also canceled the XL pipeline, upsetting our neighbor to north, Canada, and putting a thousand or so Americans out of work.

On another note, I wonder how long it will take the family to monetize Joey's new position. How much will Joey's son, Hunter, charge someone for the honor of sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom? Will Joey's brother, James Biden, be building more homes in third world countries? One can only guess what kind of trouble Joey's brother, Frank Biden, will get into while Joey is in the White House.

We suffered through the violence and destruction by the Democrap's brown shirts , more commonly known as antifa and black lives matter, on college campuses during the Obama/Biden administration meant to intimidate conservative voices and keepd them from speaking, and the looting, assaults, and arson of most of our urban areas during the Trump administration by those same groups yet Joey and the Democraps seem to think that white supremacists are the greatest threat to our democracy.

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Now Comes The Impeachement Of Trump...Again

President Donald J. Trump was not guilty of any "high crimes or misdemeanors" when he gave his speech last Wednesday.

Unlike the first impeachment which was about a phone call where the only record was a transcription of the call, this time the President's speech was televised for the world to see.

During the first impeachment of President Trump, the Democraps (Communists) tried to 'interpret' the words of the President to claim he had committed a high crime or misdemeanor, and they are going to try to 'interpret' his words once again to justify another impeachment.

You will not, however, see any news outlets replaying any part of the speech where Trump supposedly incited someone, anyone, to commit acts of violence, and they are not going to replay it, because, once again, there is not one shred of evidence that anything of the sort was said,

It's obvious Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and the Democraps (Communists) want to impeach the President. They've wanted to impeach him since he won the election in 2016, even before he had taken the oath of office. Unfortunately all they have is their unhinged hatred of him and his supporters, not because there is a valid reason to do so.

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It's Official! Biden Won*

With all the electoral votes finally counted, it is a certainty that the Biden Crime Family will now occupy the White House for the next four years or until President-elect Biden is pronounced unfit to hold the office.

*Biden won with the help of corrupt election officials.

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Just Another Peaceful Protest

For 4 years the American public has been subjected to protests in virtually every major city and the press has continued to describe them as "peaceful" regardless of how may buildings were set ablaze, how many business were looted, how may police officers were injured, or how may citizens were killed. These "peaceful" protests were carried out by the members of the so-called left wing group, antifa; members of "black lives matter" and other ne'er-do-wells and criminal opportunists generally supporting a communist agenda.

Did we hear any Democratic leadership (Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, former President Obama, former Vice-President Biden) or the press telling the jack-booted thugs to go home in peace? Not a word!

Members of the Trump administration and Congress were chased from restaurants, threated in their homes and assaulted in the streets. What did we hear from the left? Not a word.

Today a little peaceful protest in the nation's capital has these same 'leaders' and members of the press demanding that President Trump do something, anything, but make them stop their legal right to protest.

Maybe they'll set up a "peaceful" autonomous zone on the steps of the Capitol.

Posted by Rick | January 6, 2021 01:46 PM | Social Studies